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     It’s hard to believe it, but 54 years ago, Daytona Magic got it’s start up north when my business partner (Now retired) Irv decided to get into the magic retail business. Not long after, I strolled into his shop when I was a kid and asked “When’s the magic show?” What did I know? I was 9 years old! He looked at me and said “You got any money?” Irv knew my father and said that if I told him where I was, I could stay in the magic shop that day and help him put some magic away. He gave me a dollar coke and a slice of pizza for lunch! This “Magic” thing looked like it was pretty cool! So, the next weekend, I showed up at the magic shop with a brown paper bag, dressed, ready for work. Irv looked at me and said “What are YOU doing here?” I said “I’m here for my job!”. Irv was taken aback and laughing said “I never said you had a job here!” But he saw that it meant a lot to me so he handed me a broom and told me that it was only for this one day and that I did NOT work for him. 54 years later, here we are!

     When I was 19 years old, Irv told me to give him a dollar bill and shake his hand. I was confused but I did it, and that’s when he told me “Congratulations, you just bought half of the magic business! If you ever decide to sell it back to me, I’ll give you DOUBLE what you paid for it!” And just like that, I was a business owner! It was 1976 and Irv wanted to move his family to a warmer climate due to health concerns for he and his wife. I still remember traveling the highways and byways of this great nation with him in the Daytona Magic van going from convention to convention and also stopping by local magic clubs to do lectures. Halcyon days.

     In 2001, after years of going to other people’s conventions, we decided to have one of our very own. We thought we knew what worked and what didn’t. By this time, we had been business for 35 years and had built a good reputation. What could go wrong? Well, we all found out on September 11th. Our convention was scheduled for that same week! We knew that the old show biz maxim “The show must go on” was right. We made arrangements to have all of our talent brought in on trains or other means of travel other than flying. We also understood if they had to cancel on us. No one did and indeed the show went on! Since then, we have had 19 amazing conventions with some of the biggest names in magic in attendance.

     Daytona Magic is known the world over as one of THE “go to” places if you are looking for something in the world of magic. We have provided magic and props for everyone from David Copperfield,  Penn & Teller and more, to the novice  who is just starting out on this amazing journey called “magic”. Magic has given me everything. It gave me a best friend and mentor, it gave me a purpose, it gave me a career, but best of all, it gave me each and everyone one of you. Our loyal customers and our friends. I know that things have been difficult lately and it seems like there is no end in sight. Well, let me tell you this, Because of Daytona Magic, I have been able to travel the entire globe and see many amazing things. But the one thing that has always amazed me more than anything, is the resiliency of the human spirit. We’ll get through this moment in time together.

     54 years in business. At times it seems like a lifetime ago, other times, it seems like it was only yesterday! Thanks for being a part of the magic with us!

Hi there. I know I haven’t written a blog lately because, believe it or not, although business isn’t as good as it was before the pandemic hit, we’ve still been busy. In fact, in the last two weeks, we’ve been extremely busy! Last week, we opened the store. We have installed a portable shower at the store entrance. All guests must be scrubbed down and have their clothes freshly washed in laundry soap, then have their entire body wrapped in a giant plastic outfit that completely covers them from head to toe with a snorkel attachment so they can breathe.

Just Kidding! But we have implemented safety measures for our guests as well as ourselves. We are open to buyers only at the moment. We are still a little ways away from being open for general browsing by the public. This is to help keep our store as clean as possible. We have several employees who still come to work every day in the back of the building who are immune compromised and we simply can not risk having them get sick. When you enter the store, we will provide you with sanitary wipes for your hands and we’ll require you to wear a mask at all times while inside the store. If you don’t have a mask, we will be happy to sell you one for our cost of $2.00.

Normally at this time, we’d be looking forward to hitting the road for our summer convention tour. Unfortunately, there are no conventions to attend and Large public gatherings have beene placed on hold for the foreseeable future. Multi-million dollar convention institutions such as the San Diego ComicCon have been canceled for the first time ever in their 50 year history! Of course, you know that on the magic front, Magic Live! in Las Vegas has rescheduled for next year, along with many other magic conventions and conventions of all types for the year 2020. FISIM has canceled it’s convention until 2022! It is with great sadness that we must officially throw our hat into that ring as well. We will not be able to hold our 20th anniversary convention this year in November.

In other news, our website is finally up and it’s better than ever! Our IT department has literally been working on the site 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to make this the best website that it can be, and we humbly think that it’s one of the best websites in magic, or just about any other hobby out there today! Plus, we have some exciting new additions to the site coming that we can’t tell you about yet, but I promise that it’ll be very cool!

You know, I got a call the other day from someone telling me that their father was an avid magician and had recently passed away. They were hoping that his magic could live on and perhaps inspire the next generation of magicians. That’s when they asked us if we would be interested in looking at his collection and if we do estate sales. Of course, I said yes! We are always happy to buy used magic and pass it on to someone else who will enjoy it for years to come. If you have any used magic that you would like me to take a look at, just call me at (386) 252-6767 and I’d be happy to chat with you about it!

Father’s day is right around the corner. Have you gotten your Pop something cool to show him how much you love him? Probably the most popular gift for dad on Father’s Day has always been…(all together now!) … A TIE! Well, we don’t want to ruin a good tradition, but we did want to add a little flair to it! Right now, we are running a 25% off sale for Father’s Day. Not only can you get dad a very cool magician’s Necktie, but may we also suggest a Daytona Magic gift certificate so that Dad can buy something nice that he wouldn’t ordinarily get for himself!

Finally, I want to offer up an apology

I grew up in an era where every store had a Memorial Day sale. It was just something that was done. You saw it every single year in the newspapers, on the radio and television, and in the storefront windows everywhere you looked. Because of that, when I started my own business almost 55 years ago, I followed with the trend to stay competitive, and had my own Memorial Day sale. This year, I received the first ever letter of complaint about that. The customer pointed out that having a sale centered around Memorial Day was in extremely poor taste and was offensive to what the day is about. I thought a lot about his words and you know what? He was absolutely right! Memorial Day is more than just a 3 day weekend and an excuse to have a backyard cookout with family and friends. My business partner’s son was a United States Marine. I wrote to him many times while he served and some of those times were when he was in combat zones. I thought to myself how I would feel if something happened to him. What a devastating blow that would be to his family and myself. I’ll never have another Memorial Day sale again. From now, on, I’ll honor that day by flying our American Flag, and thinking with reverence of our honored fallen military soldiers. In fact, I’m thinking of having a fundraiser next year where the money can go to some worthy Veteran’s Organization. Again, I just wanted to apologize to any of you out there who shared that customer’s feelings about having a sale on Memorial day. It was wrong and I’m sorry.

That about wraps things up from us here. It’s a still a crazy world out there right now. Please stay safe. I hope that we can get everything back up and running soon so that we can all return to normal. Even though it will be a “New Normal”, I sincerely hope that it will become a BETTER normal for everyone!

Magically Yours,

Harry Allen

It’s Mid-May and things are slowly showing signs of becoming what resembles “normal” again. We got finally some much needed assistance from the bank, and we are preparing to do a soft re-opening of our show-room next week. We will be opening cautiously and with strict guidelines in place to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. These restrictions will be in place for the foreseeable future, but we have no plans to make them permanent.


    Before we can allow you to enter the store, you MUST be wearing a mask at all times. If you don’t have a mask, we will be happy to provide you with one. You will also be expected to use hand sanitizer and maintain social distancing guidelines. Please refrain from touching anything while in our store. This is for your safety as well as our own.
    Unfortunately, with health concerns still a major priority, we simply can’t, at this time, allow people to just come in and browse. If you have an idea of what you want, we’ll be happy to assist you, but we’re not yet at the point where we can be a social gathering place for magicians. Believe me, we miss those days too and want to see them come back as soon as possible! The best way to go about shopping in store is to go online to our website and look for the items that you’d like to get. Then, before planning a trip to our store, call us to make sure that we physically have the item in the store and that we will be open during the time that you wish to visit.
    If when you call, we do have an item in stock, but not physically here in the store, we’ll be happy to take your payment over the phone and order the item for you. You will then be able to come to the shop and pick it up. However, with free shipping to the continental United States on all orders over $50.00, we can easily ship directly to you as well!

I know, it’s not ideal, but for now, that’s what we have to do. As you know, we have several people who work in the back of the shop who are immune compromised, and we simply cannot take the risk of getting them infected. We’ve come so far; we can’t afford to drop the ball now. The sooner we get this under control and KEEP it under control, the sooner we can all get back to normal! Until then, please, stay safe and help those who need it when you can!

Magically yours,
Harry Allen

When you are faced with a seemily insurmountable obsacle, they say that all you really need to in order to keep from overwhelmed is to put it in it’s proper perspective. It’s with this in mind that I wanted to share this message that I was sent the other day by one of our loyal customers.

“It’s a mess out there now. Hard to discern between what’s a real threat and what is just simple panic and hysteria. For a small amount of perspective at this moment, imagine you were born in 1900.

On your 14th birthday, World War I starts, and ends on your 18th birthday. 22 million people perish in that war. Later in the year, a Spanish Flu epidemic hits the planet and runs until your 20th birthday. 50 million people die from it in those two years. Yes, 50 million.

On your 29th birthday, the Great Depression begins. Unemployment hits 25%, the World GDP drops 27%. That runs until you are 33. The country nearly collapses along with the world economy.

When you turn 39, World War II starts. You aren’t even over the hill yet. And don’t try to catch your breath. On your 41st birthday, the United States is fully pulled into WWII. Between your 39th and 45th birthday, 75 million people perish in the war.

Smallpox was epidemic until you were in your 40’s, and it killed 300 million people during your lifetime.

At 50, the Korean War starts 5 million perish. From your birth, until you are 55 you dealt with the fear of Polio epidemics each summer. You experience friends and family contracting polio and being paralyzed and/or die.

At 55 the Vietnam War begins and doesn’t end for 20 years. 4 million people perish in that conflict. During the Cold War, you lived each day with the fear of nuclear annihilation. On your 62nd birthday you have the Cuban Missile Crisis, a tipping point in the Cold War. Life on our planet, as we know it, almost ended. When you turn 75, the Vietnam War finally ends.

Think of everyone on the planet born in 1900. How did they endure all of that? When you were a kid in 1985 and didn’t think your 85 year old grandparent understood how hard school was. And how mean that kid in your class was. Yet many survived through everything listed above. Perspective is an amazing art. Refined and enlightening as time goes on.”

Kinda places everything in a different light doesn’t it? I thought this message just might act as some words of encouragement right now. We have all survived worse, and we’ll do so again! We’ve got this!

Magicall Yours,
Harry Allen

It’s the start of a new week and I just wanted to let you know what’s been happening with us here at the shop on the small business payroll protection application front…not much. In fact, things are moving along at a snail’s pace, but at least they do seem to me moving forward.

One thing that IS moving along rather briskly here in Daytona is the massive multi-million dollar renovation of the Beach St. area. This started long before the Coronavirus got in the way and ironically, it’s the ONE thing that could be considered a “good” thing. You see, they are doing a complete re-structuring of the two lane road in front of our shop and throughout the area. It will now be a one lane thoroughfare, but with much wider sidewalks and more room for the tourists to come and visit us and the other shops and restaurants along the strip.

Needless to say, any type of road construction is a nightmare just waiting to happen, however, with the stay at home order put in place for Florida, that meant that traffic was down to almost nothing. No traffic means less construction obstruction. Less obstructions mean that things like road work move along really fast!

Something else that kept moving along is the brand new high rise office building being constructed by the inurance firm of Brown & Brown just a few blocks away. If you came to the convention last year, you saw the ground breaking and the first floor or two of one of the elevator shafts starting to be erected. Well, this beautiful monument of glass and steel will be open before you know it and when that happens, over 600 new people will be working there daily and will spend their lunch breaks and spare time where? You guessed it, right here on Beach Street and of course, here at Daytona Magic!

We were one of the first buildings in the area to begin to do interior and exterior rejuvenations and I’m proud to say that when it was all said and done, we now have one of the finest and most beautiful brick and mortar magic stores you have ever seen in your life! I really can’t wait for you come and visit. Every time people come into the shop, one of the first words out of their mouths are “It’s so nice to be in a REAL magic store!” or, “I can’t believe that a store like this still exists!”. Those two interchangeable comments are always followed by “Man, it’s so nice and CLEAN in here!”

These days, no one comes into the shop as we have closed the doors to the public for the time being. But we are still running our full crew 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday and 10am -2pm on Saturday. We are ready to help you either re-discover your love of magic, guide you to a new twist on your act, or show you the latest magic tricks that we are constantly discovering which will put you 10 steps ahead of the competition! Online and on the phone, we’re here for you!

So, as the COVID-19 curve flattens and hopefully subsides soon, we are taking it day by day, knowing that things WILL get back to normal sooner rather than later. But until then, just like our payroll protection application….we wait!

Magically Yours,
Harry Allen

Well, as we move into another week of the Pandemic, things seem to be leveling out. We still have not received our Small business loan, but we have been able to file paperwork with another bank. That gets us one step closer. Through all of this, we are moving full steam ahead. Our two employees who were out due to the pandemic are back at their posts and we couldn’t be happier to have them back! We are ready and able to take your phone and internet orders! You know what they say, “The show MUST go on!”

     Now, not all of us are so lucky to have the stay at home order in their state start to get relaxed and I know that MANY of you are still cooped up at home. Well, now is the perfect time to catch up on your movie watching. If it were up to my I.T. guy, I’m sure he’d recommend that you watch all ELEVEN “Star Wars Movies” in order! I had something else in mind. I want to give you a list of great magic-based movies to help pass the time. If you never seen any of these films, I think you’ll enjoy them. If you have seen them before, now’s the perfect time to get in a second viewing! The list is in no particular order.

“HOUDINI” (1953)
Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, Torin Thatcher & Angela Clarke.
This film is not only considered to be a Hollywood film classic, it was the first time that the life of Houdini was portrayed on screen. Now, while this film has several glaring inaccuracies (Houdini died of peritonitis on Halloween night after his appendix ruptured because he was punched in the stomach before he could tighten his stomach muscles for the blow. In the film they have him injuring himself by bumping into the Temple of Benares illusion, which hadn’t even been invented in 1926!) and Tony Curtis looks nothing like Houdini, it’s still an immensely entertaining film!

James Randi, Penn & Teller, Alice Cooper, Bill Nye & Adam Savage
This wonderful documentary follows the life of professional de-bunker James Randi. You may know him as the old guy with the big white beard who claims to carry a check for One Million Dollars on him at all times that he will sign over to anyone who can show actual signs of psychic or paranormal ability that he cannot explain and re-produce. But there is much more to the man and you’ll learn it all here! It’s a fun and fascinating look at the world of magic, mysticism, and scam artists!

Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Michael Caine, Scarlet Johansson
From director Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar) comes this period thriller set in Edwardian London where two rival magicians, (partners until the tragic death of an assistant during a show) feud bitterly after one of them performs the ultimate magic trick – teleportation. His rival tries desperately to uncover the secret of his routine, experimenting with dangerous new science as his quest takes him to the brink of insanity. If you like a mystery with a touch of the supernatural, this film is for you!

“NOW YOU SEE ME” (2013)
Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Michael Caine & Morgan Freeman
This film is a classic heist movie in the style of the George Clooney “Ocean’s 11” films (Come to think of it, all three of those are great films to watch too!) however, this time the con-men are all magicians and they use all the tricks of their trade to avoid being caught by the F.B.I. David Copperfield served as a magic consultant on the film and it’s sequel. This is a fun popcorn movie, full of ridiculous plot twists and “Magic Tricks”. Will it revolutionize the world of magic? No. But it WILL entertain you and your family and who knows, maybe you ‘ll get an idea or two from the film for an effect for your act!

Steve Carell, Steve Buscemi & Jim Carrey
Superstar magicians Burt Wonderstone and his partner, Anton Marvelton have reigned as kings of the Las Vegas strip for years. When a street magician’s increasing popularity threatens to knock them off their thrones, Burt and Anton recognize that they have to repair their strained relationship and salvage the act. This movie is stupid. There’s no other way to put it. But the GOOD kind of stupid like “The Three Stooges”, “Dumb and Dumber”, “Airplane” and a whole host of other films that parody their subject. Look (not that closely) and you’ll see not-so-subtle send ups of Siegfried and Roy, David Copperfield, David Blaine and a slew of other magicians. The plot is thin but the “Inside baseball” nature of the jokes makes this a fun film to just sit down and laugh at!

     All of the films that I have mentioned above are available on Amazon Prime and you can find a whole host of other films with a magic theme! So, sit back, have fun, and above all stay safe! It’s up to all of us to help keep the magic alive! We need it now more than ever!

Magically yours,
Harry Allen

So, another week of the corona virus goes by. We are still only doing mail order. Everyone is still drawing full salary, whether they are coming to work or not. All the venders are being paid in a timely fashion. We have not received our bridge loan from the government yet but have cautious optimism that we will get it. When I go to the grocery store it is like being in a Socialist country. No toilet paper or paper towels. No canned soup. How depressing. I miss my friends and my weekly poker game. Can you imagine four guys playing poker with me? I show them a few card tricks to loosen them up before the game

Now for this week’s “good” news. That’s sarcasm, by the way. We have been getting a lot of rain, and my back building over the office sprang a leak! $1400 later we are dry again. It is a good thing I have a friend in the roofing business! Our building was built 1n 1928 and is a local historic building. Many of the buildings in Downtown Daytona Beach are historic. Our city is putting 4 million dollars into two blocks of street and riverfront park, across from our store. We are right on the river in a beautiful area.

In the last few weeks, I have seen every movie I ever saw before. I watched “The French Connection.” Wow! Gene Hackman is great in that movie. Two weeks ago, I became a grandpa (a little girl). If I did not go to work six days a week, I think I would go nuts. I guess that the news about the virus is a bit better this week. The news says that the virus curve has flattened. I live in a county that only has 440 cases of the virus as of this writing. My county has 538,000 people. If you do the math there is less than one tenth of one percent chance of getting the virus here. Still, that is too much for me. Personally, I don’t think we will be safe until we get a vaccine, but I have hope that it’ll be here in the not too distant future.

Well, I did not mean to depress you. If you check out my Facebook page you will see happier stuff. I hope you are all staying safe. I pray that this will end sooner rather than later, and that my next post will be a happier one.

Magically yours,
Harry Allen

Well, another week has gone by and I want to tell you a little bit of how we are doing here at Daytona Magic. If I told you business was great, I would be lying. Thankfully, we are still keeping our heads above water, paying all our bills, and paying all salaries for even those that are still at home. God bless our employees who have not missed a day and have helped to keep us going. We are still not letting anyone in off the street, but we are continuing to do online and phone business and we still ship out packages each and every day.

On the bank assistance front, although Wells Fargo let me fill out an application for the “Payroll Protection,” last week, we still have not heard anything yet. Small businesses like ours are the ones who really hurt in times like these and that financial assistance will literally mean the difference between a business’s life or death. Not just for small businesses though, as the big companies are hurting as well! I wonder if stores like J.C. Penny and Macy’s will survive. With Sears already gone, there are going to be a lot of empty malls if they don’t make it! The simple fact of the matter is that Congress must get off their butts and release more money!

The magic business is good when there is a good economy. The last couple of years, business has been great! As I write this, I heard that Neiman Marcus just filed for bankruptcy. Business is hurting now. I guess things will not be back to normal until we get a vaccine. I wonder if the people who won’t vaccinate themselves and their kids will still do so? Will we ever be able to go to a ball game in the near future? Eating a hot dog would be hard to do right now through a surgical mask. But, as long as I could put a little hole in the mask to drink my beer, I’d be OK.

If you are at home, practice your magic. If you do everything perfect, buy something new. We sure would appreciate any business we can get during these tough times. If you can comfortably afford it, send us a little order. However, if you have to make a choice between magic and toilet paper or Purell or paper towels… buy them instead! You know what I mean. The most important thing is for everyone to stay healthy and safe.

Magically yours,
Harry Allen

On Tuesday September 11, 2001, I was riding to work with my business partner Irv when we heard that a plane hit the North Tower of The World Trade Center. He exclaimed, “Oh my God, what a terrible accident.” About twenty minutes later when we heard that a second plane had hit the South Tower, Irv said, “I think we are at war.” This was particularly worrisome for him, as he had a son on a Marine Corps amphibious attack ship in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Jack, his son, was a sergeant in the Marine Corps. We listened to the TV all day as we pondered what to do with our upcoming Daytona Festival of Magic, scheduled for 9/14/2001. Due to the attacks, all airline flights in the country were cancelled. We had to get Harry Lorayne down here from NYC by train. We had to replace some artists with people who could drive to the convention, we honored all cancellations. Forty conventioneers short and with replacement talent, the show went on. People told us it was the first time they laughed in a week.

I thought… “Will we survive this? How will it change our everyday lives? Will Irv’s son go to war?” “WE SURVIVED!” There were many permanent changes to everyone’s lives. Have you gotten on an airplane since the World Trade Center and Pentagon were hit by airplanes? I get searched now when I go to the theater in Orlando. That probably has as much to do with the “Pulse” nightclub massacre in 2016 as 9-11. Terrorism has affected every American citizen since September 11th, but as a nation, “WE SURVIVED!”

In October 2016 about 10-12 days before our convention the people from our hotel came into the shop to discuss our upcoming Festival of Magic. We thought that they were finalizing the menu for the banquet. You see, we had been hit with a massive hurricane just months before in August that caused extensive dame to beachside hotels and they were quickly trying to remodel and get everything in place. However, due to all the damage done and despite their best efforts to open in time for our convention, they had to come and deliver the bad news that they could not open the hotel!

Daytona is a city full of hotels, so, with less than two weeks to go, off we went trying to shift the convention to another venue. Unfortunately, every Hotel that wasn’t still damaged was booked. What to do??? We ended up renting part of the “Daytona International Speedway,” at a cost of about $30,000.00. We also rented a small hotel’s breakfast room for our Sunday Auction and moved everyone into different hotels… But the convention went on as planned. “WE SURVIVED!”

So here we are dealing with the Covid-19 virus. As I told you in my last blog, four of us are still coming to work every day. I am working the phones up front, Pete is working the website in his part of the store and Becky is doing her part in the office. Her father, my former partner, volunteers to help with the packaging. My old shipper Tyler, comes in for a few hours every day to get stuff out. Toby and Greg are safe at home. Everyone is being paid their full salaries.

We haven’t got our application for the payroll assistance yet. Wells Fargo tells us we are on the list. It amazes me that they can open accounts that people don’t even know about faster than they can give us an application that must be summited on-line. Every other bank tells us that they must take care of their own customers. I hope and think we will eventually get the loan if Congress gets off their butt and approves the additional monies needed. I’m done venting…

We are all in this together. As the USA, I know… “WE WILL SURVIVE!” By the way… Wash your Hands!

Harry Allen

For fifty four years Daytona Magic has been around serving magicians, since 1966. There are four full time employees and one senior from Seabreeze High School. Also there are two retired people who love the business so much that they still come in and work for nothing. All our employees are being paid their salaries, except the kid from Seabreeze, who really does not depend on what we pay to live.

One of the employees, both partners and one retired guy still come in every day. They each have their own part of the store where they work. I stay up front on the phone. Pete stays in the middle of the store doing the I.T. Becky and her dad stay in the back office, paying bills, packaging and doing the other things necessary to keep the business going.

A young man, Tyler, who worked for us for about 4 years when he went to college, comes in every day to do the shipping. He is replacing the shipper Greg who stays home with the exception of coming in at night to see that everything is ordered for shipping and manufacturing. Greg also takes things home to work on, and brings them back when he is done. One worker is so scared that she won’t enter the building. She is staying home with her husband 24 hours a day. We understand this and will support her with full salary as long as we can. By the way there are two carpenters and one machinist who are working in their respected shops to keep things going.

We were encouraged that we heard that you can go to your bank and get a loan to help you through this difficult time. We called our bank, Wells Fargo, for the past three weeks. They told us that the loan was not available yet but would be soon. We listened to the news hearing that if you continue to pay your employees they would help you secure a loan. We did everything we were told to do including checking the special web site that Wells Fargo set up telling us that as soon as the money was available we could apply.

Yesterday Wells Fargo dropped the ball, big time. When we called and asked when the loan application would be on line, we were told they did not have any money left for small businesses. Couldn’t believe it! Spoke to many higher up people who said “we’re sorry, but we can’t help.” We will continue to pay everyone as long as we can, but are using up our reserves.

All bills and venders are current, and many are working with us by giving us extra time. All taxes are paid. Our SBA loan from losing part of our roof during the year we were hit with many hurricanes, has been majorly reduced to a few thousand dollars and is on time and being paid every month. Utilities are paid on time.

We are only doing mail order as the store is closed to walk in. There was no April Fools day this year. The kids couldn’t get any fake throw up to fool mom and dad and blame the dog. Is this our April Fool and we won’t get the promised money to help?

We hope the magic will continue…

Stay healthy…

Harry Allen

The Bikers are here!  Friday March 6th kicks off the 79th annual Bike Week event here in Daytona Beach. Now if you’re into motorcycles, you might know the next thing I am going to tell you, however, if you don’t, here’s a little bit of history for you. Bike week dates all the way back to 1937 when it was called “The Daytona Bike Rally” and it centered around the Daytona 200 motorcycle race. 79 years…that’s sixteen years older than I’ve been alive! I love it when Bike Week rolls around because it makes me feel young. The weather in Daytona couldn’t be more perfect for it either. Ever since the Daytona 500 back in February, it’s been absolutely beautiful outside. Cool but not cold. Perfect biking weather!

We get a bit busier with walk in traffic during Bike Week, which makes it harder on my staff because I’ll be at “The Winter Carnival of Magic” in Tennessee with my right hand man on the road, Wayne. That leaves us understaffed in the store, but we manage. I wish I could hire a person to come in only when I’m on the road to help lighten the load on our staff. If you think that you might be interested in picking up a few extra bucks throughout the year, let me know.

If you are coming down to Daytona Beach for Bike week, stop in and say hello. We have a complete line jokes and pranks and just about anything else to make your Bike Week trip a memorable one. In fact our fire wallet is always a top seller! Imagine the look on your friends’ faces when you go to pay for your next purchase, pull your wallet up and it bursts into flames! Talk about an attention getter! Plus, we have the world’s best magic tricks that are simple to do and sure to baffle! Just tell our professional magician on staff what you’re looking for and they will point you in the right direction!
Have a great time here in Daytona and please ride safely! We want to see you for many years to come!

Magically yours,

Harry Allen

This time of year has always been romanticized with falling snow, and cozy nights spent by a fireplace. Well, I lived that life for many years and let me tell you, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be! I hated the snow and the cold Philadelphia winters, that’s why I moved to Daytona Beach, but as you get older, you look back and only remember the good times. December always makes me nostalgic for the white Christmas’ of my youth. When I was old enough, and just starting out in magic, I remember that I would perform all sorts of venues for the Christmas season. From retirement communities, to Moose Lodges, to Churches and even Synagogues for Chanukah celebrations, December was a magical time in more ways than one.

Like many would-be Houdini’s, I did it all, including working with animals. I had doves and Guinea Pigs. I remember one time, I was performing at the gym of Temple University. This was a Christmas show for inner city youth and they had a ball! Well, when it came time to produce my dove, for some reason, it took off for the rafters and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get it to come back. Finally, I went on with the show and figured that I’d get the dove after the show was over. But the dove had other ideas! While it didn’t want to come back, it DID want to do something else! You see, it had had a big breakfast and, well, it had to do SOMETHING with it. So, it decided to do it’s best imitation of a World War II dive bomber! This bird would swoop down over the crowd and (there’s really no delicate way to put it) let it fly! And by “It” I mean, well…you know EXACTLY what I mean! That bird had multiple “bombing runs” and hit a bullseye every time! Talk about a “White Christmas”! LOL!!

It was a horror show back then, but like I said before, you only remember the good times and now that story makes me laugh and never fails to bring a smile to my face!

What are some of YOUR special Christmas show memories? They could be funny, heartbreaking or heartwarming, but whatever they are, I want to hear about them! Share your favorite Christmas memories below!

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